Is your mood affected by early sunsets?

In conversation with a bipolar patient.




  1. Do you think your mood is affected by seasonal changes?

I didn’t think it would be, but my mood suddenly switched earlier today  from being average to feeling lower than I usually do. I can’t put my finger on it, but I am willing to consider seasonal changes as having some effect on my behaviour.


2. What do you think you can do to alter your state of mind?

Exercising more is definitely one way to go. I haven’t been able to exercise as regularly as I usually would because of work constraints, but I’m getting back to normal tomorrow and I hope it’ll have an effect on how I feel. Another thing I could do is be in contact with someone I trust or someone I can confide in and make sure they know that there are or have been changes to my mood. Notifying my healthcare providers is also something I should do, except I’m not sure if writing to them about what could be a tiny, trivial mood swing is warranted. I’ll definitely have to be more aware of myself as well.

3. What else do you think you can do?

More chocolate? It is supposed to help, but I can’t rely on that. If I start relying on chocolate it will affect the way I feel about my body and that won’t help me at all. I could try it in small amounts I suppose.

4. If seasonal changes are indeed affecting you, is there anything you could do to minimise their effect on your health?

Soak up as much sunshine as I can, I suppose. That may not always be possible on weekdays, but I should get out during the day as much as I can.

Good luck, and let’s hope your little problem stays little!


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