A few questions about the EU migrant crisis

Yes, I’m going there.

It’s been hanging over my head ever since the first doomsday-esque headline popped up on BBC, and I’m going to go over the questions I have about the EU migrant crisis.

Deep breath. Here it goes.

  1. Europe has its own share of problems ( and a huge share of other countries’ problems too) right now. Failing currency, Greece bankrupt and other countries not performing phenomenally, bailout conundrums, and now perhaps the worst migrant slash refugee crisis since World War II. I’m going to try and mention World War II fewer times than I am now, but who are we kidding? Most refugees don’t want to stay in Hungary or Serbia. Most of them want to go to Germany. Why?Is that because Germany has the only close to normal economy right now, or because Angela Merkel “said a first step had been taken but a permanent quota system for receiving refugees was necessary”.
  2. Asia is booming right now, and most countries have a pretty good record for political asylum. Most.  Why not head to Asia, where economic opportunities are plenty, and far removed from Syria or Iraq?
  3. Strengthen the EU’s external borders- to stop more migrants coming in or to prevent ISIS from boarding a train? If it’s the latter, the EU would have, or should have strengthened the borders on day 1. Why now?
  4. “The UK prime minister called for more to be done to stabilise the regions where the refugees came from.” Interestingly, the UK is not open to receiving refugees, and if I’m not mistaken, opted out of the plan that Germany came up with. So is David Cameron calling for countries closest to the middle east to strengthen their borders to prevent any chances of the UK having to take in migrants?

Image courtesy of BBC.

More to come.

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