Smart people get a lump of coal for Christmas

Well, not really. Not literally at least. Readin’ this thing on the BBC that said people with a higher IQ were prone to higher levels of anxiety, OCD and other mental illnesses which in turn affected their careers, personal relationships and overall well being.

High or above average IQ (especially verbal proficiency, which pushes you over the cliff faster than other kinds of IQ according to said report)- check.

Mental illness- check, for… let’s call her Jackie. You remember her, the type II Bipolar kid I know.

Messed up personal life- check. For me. (yes I’d like to think I have a fairly above average IQ) Well, not really messed up. It’s complicated, just like everyone else’s. But I do know I’m not one of those that can’t go a day without hanging off of the hand of some Old Spice Armani idiot to drive away their fear of being alone. I’m quite happy alone, just as I would be in a good (read: functional) relationship. Anyway, that’s saying too much. I attribute it to my highly developed verbal skills.

Career- meh, in and out right now. Had one, progressed, got another job, Jackie had to switch that around because of you know what, and now I’m going back to uni so I can teach teenagers about The Importance of Being Earnest. Fingers crossed I don’t have to erase this plan from the books and scribble another one in its place.

Am I happier than people who can’t string two words together to make a sentence? I don’t know. I’ve never asked them. They seemed happier wherever I went, but it was about trivial things like helium filled balloons that made you sound like whatshisname and the Chipmunks, or snowflakes; things like that. I’m not saying these things don’t make me happy, I love looking at the symmetry that snowflakes bring, I like the first day of autumn and looking up to see Betelgeuse and wondering if it’ll go off any second. Does that really mean I’m not as happy as people less intelligent than I am? This of course, I’d like to reiterate, based on the premise that I have an above average or near high intelligence.

So- because people like Jackie and I are smarter than a lot of other people, without that sounding very stuck up, does that mean we get a lump of coal in our metaphorical Christmas Stockings?

Do we not get promoted because we work hard the whole year instead of water cooler trousers who only work hard when it matters? Do we get not get jobs because we’re considered overqualified?

Do we suffer when it comes to personal relationships because we think things over too much, as compared to less intelligent people who make decisions based on their feelings?

Does intelligence lose to emotions in that little boxing ring we sometimes call life?

Are we supposed to ignore well thought out decisions and an endless number of pros and cons lists and fly three thousand miles to see someone, adrenaline rush in hand, without an inkling of whether or not they might reciprocate our feelings? Tell me if you got a pair of socks for Christmas.

I think I’m getting a lump of coal.

All images courtesy of Google.



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